... an Italy native, made his acting debut as a young schizophrenic in the critically acclaimed Italian theatrical release Biuti Quin Olivia (dir. Federica Martino). After completing degrees in both Industrial Engineering and Economics from Northwestern University, he continued his training with renowned acting coaches Joan Scheckel, Larry Moss, Michelle Danner and Kimmie Companik (Second City). His recent commercial work includes leads in worldwide campaigns for Microsoft Outlook (dir. Malcolm Venville) and StubHub (dir. Geordie Stephens). His theatrical highlights include award winning Korean feature God is Dead (dir. Abraham Lim), rock indie Glory Days (dir. Roy Alfred Jr.), and Italian blockbuster Natale a Beverly Hills (dir. Neri Parenti).

DIGITAL RESUME AND HEADSHOT Available for download. Right click the headshot below and "Save As".

...is a digital content creator. His most recent work includes the documentary short Year of the Bunnies, sketch comedy web series RobotDown and advertising work for Ford, Johnsonville Brats, and Mattel.

When I was three my mother, a university professor, returned to the US for a few years to finish her PhD. Her scholarship package included teaching a variety of classes in the Italian dept, during which she would often put me in the media library to watch her favorite Italian classics. Open City, Umberto D, Cinema Paradiso, Carmen, La Strada, Vacanze Romane, I Vitelloni, Rocco e i Suoi Fratelli, I Soliti Ignoti... these were the stories I was raised on... stories of post-war Italy, stories of pain, love, and truth.

Thanks to a fortunate string of events, I ended up working in the press office of the Sundance Film Festival , a mind blowing experience that showed me the power of independent film. Soon after I began studying and working with renowned directing/acting guru Joan Scheckel (Little Miss Sunshine, Whale Rider, Snow White and the Huntsman), a brilliant mentor who would not only help me fine tune my craft as an actor, but most importantly teach me that my cinematic voice as a content creator was equally as powerful, beautiful, and vulnerable.

Roma: Bella e Bastarda (2014)
(In Production) director / producer / DP
Rome: a city cursed by the weight of its own history. To understand my own emmigration, I investigate what it is about this city that drives us to leave and haunts us forever in doubt.

Year of the Bunnies (NEW) (12:00)
director / producer / DP / editor
Candace and Steve have been gifting each other rabbit themed items for the past 20 years. With over 28,000 unique "love tokens", they hold the Guinness World Record, have transformed their home into a live-in museum, and are set to rival the greatest love stories.

Sex-Ed (2013) (2:41)
director / producer / editor
Halloween Episode: A young couple decides to make some slight alterations to their sex life.

Great American Game Break (2013)
producer / DP
Mattel / Kmart (Bullpen Integrated Media)
Mattel and musician/host Bob Guiney tour the US in collaboration with LIVE with Kelly and Michael encouraging families to turn off their devices and take a game break.

The Chair Song (2013) (2:02)
director / producer / editor
A romantic music video for a ridiculous song.

Kmart (2013) (0:47)
co-writer / director / producer / editor
A Kmart commercial for Breaking Bad fans.

Crossbow (NEW) (1:25)
director / producer / DP / editor
You think you got superpowers? You ain't got nothing on Crossbow.

Faced with Danger (2013) (4:20)
director / producer / editor
In this episode of Faced with Danger, Molly Green and her daughter are confronted by a
thief in their home.

The Dora the Explorer Story 2013 (2:57)
director / producer / editor
Angela Bassett is the queen of the biopic. Now, see her in the most important film of her career: Lost in the Woods, the Dora the Explorer Story.

VBS Promo (2014) (12:53)
producer / DP
Valley Beth Shalom (Bullpen Integrated Media)
Filmed and produced all of the new VBS 
footage for the school's informational video.

Apples 2 Apples Promo (2013) (0:40)
producer / DP
Mattel (Bullpen Integrated Media)
Promo for Mattel 's upcoming Crazy College Cash Giveaway.

Near Far (2013) (1:41)
director / producer /editor
A PBS style childrens show highlighting the importance of opposites (completely misunterstood by three idiots).